Glenmore Mansion

A true Victorian treasure, Glenmore Mansion is a hidden treasure that sits atop a picturesque hill in Jefferson City, TN. Built by John Roper Branner in 1868, it is one of the southeast’s best examples of a second empire architecture still standing today. It is also Jefferson County’s only public house museum.

Glenmore has been actively sharing its story thanks to the countless number of volunteers who have dedicated their time and efforts to preserving its history. Today, Glenmore engages the community through regular seasonal tours along with special events like the Spring Garden Market and the Christmas Candlelight Tours. Glenmore Mansion celebrated the 150th anniversary of its Construction in 2018. Throughout its life, it has seen the history of Mossy Creek unfold. Whereas the town itself has changed…its people, its buildings, its character, its name…Glenmore has remained a consistent landmark and representation of the original town of Mossy Creek, Tennessee.

Enjoy Glenmore

If you’re looking for a location to hold any sort of event, regardless of the size, Glenmore Mansion is an ideal setting. Luncheons, baby and wedding showers, birthday and anniversary celebrations, even family reunions work quite well at Glenmore. Year-round, Glenmore Mansion is a popular location for both indoor and outdoor weddings.